More Than Just Flat

I recently read that the Canadian Prairies are silently disappearing in the face of agricultural and industrial development. The black-footed ferret, for example, is an endangered prairie species that in being reintroduced into Canada after the wild populations died out from habitat loss and disease. Reading about this has prompted me to start a new illustration of the prairie ecosystem that I'll work on alongside my growing Great Barrier Reef illustration.

Rover and Me

Here is my latest t-shirt design titled "Rover and Me". The design is inspired by the Mars rover and how it's always nice to work, play, and/or hang out with a friend.

A Whale of a Time

I've been slowly building up my illustrated version of the Great Barrier Reef. Today I completed a humpback whale, one of a few species of whale that have been spotted in and around the reef. You can follow along as I continue to add to my collection of reef species on Instagram.

The Gray Jay

Is the gray jay set to become Canada's national bird? Its nickname, "Whiskey Jack", is based on its Cree name "Wisakedjak", referring to a shape-shifting trickster with a big heart and playful spirit. A harbinger of good fortune for the Indigenous people of Canada, the gray jay is a friendly and clever bird that thrives in winter. A true Canadian, no?


A working drawing for the next Simone picture book. One more ink drawing to go and then on to colour!

To the Printers (Again)!

Woah indeed! Simone in Australia is going to reprint! You can now also find Simone and Christophe (from Christophe's Crumbs) at Stoneman's Bookroom in Castlemaine.

Reef Life

It feels like the Great Barrier Reef has been in the news a lot lately. There was the record breaking coral bleaching, the Australian PM talking climate change policy but then backing fossil fuels (again), and more recently, an advisory panel suggesting to the government to open up protected waters in the Coral Sea for industrial fishing and mining. It's inspired me to start a new illustration that I will be building up over the next couple of months. Here's the first drawing to get it all started. It's a Hawksbill turtle, one of six endangered turtles that can be found in and around the reef.

Clue Number 2

Keeping in mind that Simone's adventures are all about discovery, here's another hint of what's to come in her next book. What do you suppose she'll get up to?


Taking a cue from René Magritte's The Treachery of Images, here is a shirt design I did for Rob to celebrate the end of his first season playing lacrosse.

How Do They Look?

I'm still waiting to get my hands on some Made in Melbourne cotton bags but until then, I thought I'd do a couple of test prints of some of my designs to see how they look. What do you think?


I am told that Peter was the sweetest, most gentle, and friendliest dog you could meet. After seeing a few photos of him, I thought, what a great first subject in my foray into printed fabrics? So here is Peter, my first illustration for a t-shirt, to hopefully continue spreading the smiles and good cheer that he was always able to do.

Hello Brunswick!

Christophe's Crumbs and Simone in Australia are now at Brunswick Bound. Look out for them as you peruse their shelves of great reads.

Clue Number 1

Where does Simone's next adventure take place?

It feels like I've been working on this one illustration for weeks even though it's probably only been five days spread over a couple of weeks. The next step is to choose colours to really bring it to life. Hmm... maybe I'll ink some other illustrations first before tackling colour here.

Hello Yarraville and St Kilda!

Christophe's Crumbs and Simone in Australia are now available at The Younger Sun Children's Bookshop in Yarraville...

... and at Readings St Kilda!

If you're in the neighbourhood, check them out!

The Love Train

Spring is in the air! You can tell by the echidna trains rambling along in the countryside. Two to eleven males will follow a single female nose to tail as she ambles along for up to ten hours a day. These echidna trains can last six weeks before mating occurs and a puggle (i.e., a baby echidna) is produced.

Hello Hawthorn!

I just dropped off copies of Christophe and Simone at Readings Hawthorn. See if you can spot them amidst their great selection of books and cards!

Simone Takes Flight (Again)

Three years and eight drafts later, Simone is ready for her next adventure! I've started the final illustrations for the next book in the series. Stay tuned for hints of where she lands next...

On More Shelves!

I just dropped off some stock of Christophe's Crumbs and Simone in Australia at Readings Carlton today. Keep an eye out for Christophe and Simone on their shelves!

A Card for all Occasions

All my cards are now available on Etsy. Please take a peek and pass it on!

Only Looks Like Scrooge

Rounding up my Australian Christmas Collection for 2016, from six to nine designs, is A Holly Jolly Christmas (featuring a Tawny Frogmouth). The full collection will be available soon...