Arts and Crafts

turkey (small).jpg

I know Canadian Thanksgiving has passed but I was in the mood for a bit of arts and crafts and had a flashback to elementary school. I don’t know if this is still a popular Thanksgiving activity in art class but I remember making paper turkeys using our hand prints.

Here is my updated version using a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, coloured pencils, white glue, and two traces of my left hand. I had to get creative with the feather patterns since I didn’t have any construction paper.

The first hand trace formed the base of the turkey - the head, body and large tail feathers.
The second hand trace was cut into six pieces. The five finger pieces formed the second layer of tail feathers and the palm became the wing.
An extra thumb trace created the fleshy wattle on the neck.
A corner of the sheet of the paper became the beak.

Now I have a turkey for next Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble, gobble!